What's Happening with the Livestream Mevo Plan?

The $10/month Mevo Plan on Livestream is no longer available to new subscribers. Customers who are already subscribed to this plan may continue to use it with their Mevo, but please note that if you cancel this plan, you will not be able to re-subscribe to it moving forward.

We are introducing the new Vimeo Producer Plan as our go-to Mevo subscription offering. This plan unlocks access to Mevo features including graphics overlays, in-app simulcasting, and up to 250GB of cloud storage on Vimeo per year. Learn more about what's included in this plan.

Graphics overlays and simulcasting via Mevo are also available with the Vimeo Premium plan.

Please note that these features are not available with any Livestream subscription. If you would like to switch from the Livestream Mevo plan to the Vimeo Producer plan, be sure to cancel your plan on Livestream to avoid being double billed.