Checking Mevo's Battery Level

It is crucial for you be aware of the current charge level of your Mevo's battery, especially during your event.

When your Mevo is not connected to your phone, you may check its battery level by the green light on the back-right of the camera, just above the battery icon.

When the battery gets below 25% left in its charge, it will turn to red.

The light will start blinking red when it gets to less than 5% battery left, to warn you to plug your Mevo into wall power as soon as possible.

When you connect Mevo to power, the battery LED will blink twice to indicate it is charging. It will change color as it charges to reflect its battery level as described above.

Once your Mevo is connected to your phone, you may also check your battery’s charge level through the app. A lightning icon will appear indicating it is charging.

From the live edit view, tap the Options icon (•••) then the gearwheel icon. The battery level is displayed in the top information panel.

If you notice the Mevo battery percentage never reaches 100% when you first charge it, try fully draining the battery and recharging a few times. This will allow the battery and app to properly calibrate.