Types of Graphics Overlays with Mevo

Mevo has the ability to add basic graphics overlays such as lower thirds, over-the-shoulder graphics, and corner bugs. 

To access this feature, you must have a Vimeo Producer or Vimeo Premium plan; learn how to subscribe. You will also need a supported microSD card inserted into your Mevo camera.

These basic graphics overlays allow you to add some information or customization to your stream or recording.

  • Lower Thirds: These get their name from their position on the screen, the bottom third. These are ideal for identifying people and places.
  • Over-The-Shoulder (OTS): These are commonly used in TV newscasts when an anchor reads a story. These are larger images on either side of the screen meant to be displayed to enhance a presentation, such a graph or illustration pertaining to the content.
  • Corner Bug: This is typically meant for displaying a small logo or icon in a corner of the screen.
  • Full Screen: This graphic will overlay the entire picture and is ideal for slates during inactivity or slides in a presentation.

Graphic overlays are only supported for streams and recordings in qualities up to 1080p. They are not compatible with 4K recordings.

Overlays will be saved to the Mevo microSD card. There is no maximum amount of graphics overlays that can be preloaded, but you will be limited by the available storage on your Mevo microSD card.