Using Zoom Audio Recorders with Mevo Boost

One option for bringing external audio into your production is by connecting a USB audio device to the USB port in the Mevo Boost. Zoom products are popular USB audio devices, but there are a few extra steps required in order to get it to work properly with Mevo.

The device shown in this article is the Zoom H4n Handy Recorder.

First, power on your Mevo/Mevo Plus and Mevo Boost. Make sure your Zoom microphone is powered off, then connect it to the USB plug on the back of the Mevo Boost.

Once your Zoom device is powered on, it should display the screen as shown below. Toggle to Audio I/F and select it.


Select Frequency.


The default setting is 44.1kHz. Toggle and select 48kHz.


You should see 48kHz now selected in the main Audio I/F menu. Toggle and select Connect.


Once this is done, be sure to press the MIC button on the left side of the device to activate the microphone; it will glow red to indicate it is on.


Your Zoom device should now be sending sound to Mevo/Mevo Plus via Mevo Boost.

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