Upload Recordings to Vimeo

The Mevo mobile app has an integration with Vimeo that allows you to upload recordings from your microSD card to your Vimeo account directly from the Mevo app.

You must have an external internet connection (Local Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or 4G USB modem) in order to use this feature. Uploading to Vimeo does not work if you are connected via the Mevo cameras' hotspot.

If you have a microSD card inserted and end a stream to any provider, you will see an Upload option in the bottom right corner of the Stream Ended panel.

This option is only available if Save to Mevo SD card is toggled on.


You will need to log into your Vimeo account if you are not already. Once you do, you can give your video a title, description, and set a privacy setting for it. Once you're done, tap Upload.


It will queue up in Vimeo and you can see its progress in the Mevo app. When it has finished, you can find your recording in the Video Manager in Vimeo. You can also see the amount of storage capacity you have left on your Vimeo account.


Alternatively, you can find your recording in the library by going to the Live Edit View > More Options (•••) > enter the library.


Tap the (•••) icon that corresponds with the video you'd like to share.iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAACzQAAAWkCAYAAACpB6VLAAAAAXNSR0IArs4c6QAAAAlwSFlzAAAL-3_9__1_.png

You will see a handful of options; select Upload to Vimeo to upload your recording to Vimeo. This step does not require you to save the recording to your phone first.
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