Create a Countdown Graphic


To access this feature, you must have the Mevo app version 2.5 or later (a subscription is no longer required).  You will also need a supported microSD card inserted into your Mevo camera.

From the live production screen in the Mevo app, tap the canvas icon to open the graphics overlay editor.



Countdowns can be added to either full screen graphics or over-the-shoulder graphics. Choose which overlay type you want to use (this example will use full screen).

Select Countdown.


Presentation lets you import a slideshow PDF; learn more.

At the top of the screen, you can choose between Countdown and Start Time. Countdown allows you to select how long you want the countdown to be (e.g. 10 minutes).


Start Time allows you to set the countdown to run until a certain time (e.g. 12:30pm).

When you've determined your countdown time, tap the checkmark on the right side of the screen to move to the graphics designer.


Like other graphics overlays on Mevo, you can adjust the background color, select black or white font color, and text alignment. You can also choose to use an image instead of a background color. Tapping the timer icon will allow you to edit your countdown.


When you've configured your countdown, tap the checkmark on the right side. You cannot edit the overlay's appearance after doing this so be sure you are satisfied with your overlay.


The overlay will upload to the microSD card inside your camera. From the list screen, tap the countdown graphic to preview it as an overlay.


When you are satisfied with your overlay, tap the checkmark in the bottom right corner to apply the overlay to your live output.

If you need to change the countdown time, tap the timer icon in the bottom right corner before applying the overlay to the output. This will allow you to edit the time and will create a duplicate of the first timer overlay you created.


If you look at the live output overlay, you will see the countdown overlay has been applied to your output.


When you want to remove the overlay from the output, tap the graphics icon in the lower right corner, then tap the delete button over your graphic.

You can also switch overlay types here. For example, to switch from a fullscreen to an OTS slideshow, tap one of the OTS placeholders to move the countdown.


To apply the change, tap the checkmark that appears in the lower right corner.

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