Camera Assistant - What is Auto-Pilot, Find Faces & Live Follow?

The Mevo app has camera assistant features that help you control your production while being hands off so you can have an unique footage as if you have a camera operator when in fact you are recording or streaming solo.

Find Faces Live Follow Autopilot

The Mevo Start has the ability to detect up to four faces, making it easy for you to switch between subjects to focus on.

To turn on face detection, tap the More Options menu icon. FFOV-Ellipsis.jpg

Tap the Camera Assistant icon to the far left. FFOV_EllipsisMenu_Web.jpg

Turn on Find Faces by tapping it. It will go from gray to white. turn_on_findfaces.gif

Now a yellow circle will appear around any human faces that appear in your cameras field of view. These trackers will follow the face's motions and can even follow them while the shot is cropped on them as long as they stay within the camera's field of view. CamAssistant_FindFacesYellowCircle_Web.PNG

You can also set up to eight static shots if there are more than four people in the view or to easily cut to non-human objects. 

Troubleshooting Steps

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