Camera Assistant - What is Auto-Pilot, Find Faces & Live Follow?

Find Faces

Mevo has the ability to detect up to four faces, making it easy for you to switch between subjects to focus on.

To turn on face detection, tap the More Options menu icon.


Tap the Camera Assistant icon to the far left.


Turn on Find Faces by tapping it. It will go from gray to white.


Now a yellow circle will appear around any human faces that appear in your Mevo's field of view. These trackers will follow the face's motions and can even follow them while the shot is cropped on them as long as they stay within the camera's field of view.

You can also set up to eight static shots if there are more than four people in the view or to easily cut to non-human objects. 

Live Follow 

Enabling Live Follow allows for the camera shots to follow the movement of people's faces. It's ideal for situations such as a speaker walking around a stage or a chef moving from one side of a kitchen to the other.

If your subjects are staying fairly static, such as a panel discussion or a meeting, we usually recommend disabling this feature to prevent unnecessary short movements of the camera shot.

Go to the More Options menu and tap the Camera Assistant icon.


You will notice three options: Find Faces, Live Follow, and Auto-Pilot.

In order for Live Follow to work, you must enabled Find Faces, as the Live Follow feature only follows faces. Learn more about Find Faces.

Tap Find Faces first, then tap Live Follow. The buttons will turn from gray to white, indicating that they are enabled.


If you would rather face shots stay static to a specific area, turn Live Follow off.



Autopilot allows the Mevo app to live edit entirely on its own, with no need for you to control the shots.

Go to the More Options (•••) menu, then tap the Camera Assistant icon on the far left side.


Tap Auto-Pilot to turn it on.


You have the ability to adjust the speed at which you want autopilot to cut between shots using the slider on the right side of the camera assistant menu.

Dragging the slider all the way to the left (closest to the tortoise icon) will make the cuts much slower. Moving the slider towards the right (closest to the hare icon) will make the autopilot cut faster.


Choose your desired speed, then close the menu. The Mevo app will automatically transition between any detected faces, manually placed static shots, and a wide shot.