Why Am I Seeing 'Live From Mevo' on Facebook?

Sometimes when going live to Facebook, you may notice a "Live from Mevo" message in your post, as seen below. This appears as a default stream title if you do not type in a title for your stream in the Mevo app prior to going live. The title field says 'What's happening?' at the top of the screen, which you can tap on to type in your own title.


Type in a title, then go live. Instead of 'Live from Mevo,' you will see your title.


If you are in a situation in which you have gone live, forgot to enter a title but cannot stop your stream to enter the title, you can edit your post on Facebook instead. Click the options icon in the upper right corner of the Facebook post with your stream, then select Edit Post.


Type in your desired title, then click Save.

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