Can Mevo or Boost Output via USB, HDMI, or SDI?

No, unfortunately, the Mevo or Boost does not have a direct video output (e.g. for projectors, monitors, etc.)

The micro-USB port on the Mevo camera is meant only for charging; it is not able to output a video signal. Mevo does not have an HDMI or SDI port.

A possible workaround is that you can bring the Mevo's video and audio into Livestream Studio as a Remote Camera source. Once in Livestream Studio, you may output your Mevo to a projector or monitor, or include it as part of a bigger presentation.

Learn more about using Mevo as a Remote Camera in Studio.

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  • yes!

    MEVO start can be hdmi output if you add 'uvc webcam to hdmi  adapter"

    MEVO start hdmi output connect ATEM mini video switcher!

  • You can also use the Ethernet port on the Boost to use a cat 5 or cat 6 cable directly to a computer. Currently I run 3 Mevos with the Boost Ethernet port using 3 cat 5 cables —> to a standard WiFi/router Ethernet ports —> 1 cat 5 cable to a CPU running Studio 6. With the Mevo cameras wired via Ethernet to a network router, I have a stable, wired way to rig three Mevos up to one computers Ethernet Port.


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