Can Mevo Start or Boost Output via HDMI, or SDI?

No, unfortunately, the Mevo Start and Boost do not have a direct video output (e.g. for projectors, monitors, etc.)

The camera does not have an HDMI or SDI port, it can however output via USB to a computer to be used as a webcam. This allows you to use it with third party software including but not limited to Streamlabs OBS, Livestream Studio, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), VMix, Ecamm and Wirecast.

You can also connect wired or wirelessly using NDI. 

Troubleshooting Steps

Can I use an adapter that has an HDMI port?
The camera will not send a video signal to any third party adapters that include an HDMI port so this would not work as a video out solution.
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  • You can also use the Ethernet port on the Boost to use a cat 5 or cat 6 cable directly to a computer. Currently I run 3 Mevos with the Boost Ethernet port using 3 cat 5 cables —> to a standard WiFi/router Ethernet ports —> 1 cat 5 cable to a CPU running Studio 6. With the Mevo cameras wired via Ethernet to a network router, I have a stable, wired way to rig three Mevos up to one computers Ethernet Port.

  • I have this setup above in the picture but wireless. I'm using a Memo camera connected wirelessly to an iPad running Mevo 2.0, then the iPad is connected via HDMI to the ATEM Mini switcher. My there a way to have the Mevo 2.0 software show a clean HDMI video...without the red dot on the left and the menu buttons on the right. Right now if I select the iPad as my HDMI input, it shows all the menus. I'm looking for it to be clean.

  • Hey Kohnen, do you have a solution for that problem? I face the same challenge. Thanks for a feedback.

  • I too would be very much interested in any way someone has figured out the best way to use the MEVO with ATEM Mini switcher and how to get a clean HDMI output from the MEVO.   MEVO Support, can you provide any recommendations on this:?   I cannot imagine you don't get lots of questions about how to connect MEVO to HDMI input devices.  Thanks a zillion !


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