Connect via a 4G/LTE USB Modem with Boost

The USB-A port on the back of Mevo Boost can support 4G/LTE USB modems, allowing you to go live from the field.

Turn on your Mevo Boost and Mevo camera and make sure your Mevo is in Hotspot mode.


Plug the 4G modem into the USB port on the back of the Boost, under the weatherproof flap.


Connect the Mevo app to the camera, then go to Settings. You will see the 4G/LTE Modem status appear on the top panel, next to the battery indicators, storage information, and Disconnect button. Please note it may take up to a minute for the connection to be detected in the app.


If you go into Network, you should see that LTE Modem + Mevo Hotspot has appeared as an option. 

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