Adding and Mixing Mevo Mic Inputs

With the Mevo Remote Mic app, you can add wireless audio sources to your production and use the Mevo app to mix them in alongside other audio sources such as the built-in micrphone or an audio source connected to Mevo Boost. A walkthrough of this is below.

First, be sure to install the Mevo Remote Mic on a supported mobile device; this should be a different phone or tablet from the one running the Mevo app. Connect that device to the same network Mevo is using (either the Mevo's hotspot or a local Wi-Fi network).

In the primary Mevo app, tap the gearwheel from the live production screen, then tap the microphone icon to enter the audio panel.


This will open a full-screen audio mixer. Below the main output are sliders and mute options for both the Mevo built-in microphone ("Mevo") and the primary mobile device's microphone or plugged-in audio source ("iPhone Microphone," or "iPad Microphone," etc.). Both of these are outputting audio to Mevo by default.

The Output slider is your overall program audio output; in other words, this is what your audience will hear. By default, this includes the Mevo's built-in microphone and your primary mobile device's microphone or audio source.

To add a remote microphone, tap Edit Inputs below the mixer.


The Send button redirects you to the App Store or Google Play page where you can download the Mevo Mic app, allowing you to share this with other devices.

If another device has the Mevo Mic app open and is connected to the same network Mevo is using, that device will appear in the list on this screen (in the below example, "Emily's iPhone."). Select Tap to connect to connect the remote microphone to Mevo; when the text changes to Connected, then your Mevo Mic app is connected to Mevo and you will see the Mevo Mic screen update to indicate this.

When you're finished, tap Done.


You will return to the full mixer which now includes your remote mic. You can also configure the Mevo Mic further.

In the Mevo Mic app, tap the Speaker/Bluetooth icon to select your audio source such as a Bluetooth connected microphone (e.g. AirPods, other Bluetooth headphones with built-in microphones), or a supported plugged in device.


Tap the red microphone to mute your source. Mevo will then not pick up any audio from this microphone. Tap it again to unmute it.


Tap the padlock in the lower right corner to lock the mic. This will prevent any accidental changes to the mic settings (such as if the phone is in someone's pocket). Tap and hold the large padlock that appears to unlock it.


Once the Mevo Mic is configured, you can go back to the audio mixer in the Mevo app and adjust each source's audio levels; dragging the slider left will lower the input's audio levels whereas dragging it right will raise them (1).

Tapping the microphone icon to the right of a slider will mute the corresponding source entirely (2).

All active sources will be heard through the Output, which can also be adjusted (3).


Tap the blue mixer icon to collapse the full mixer to reveal just the Output panel, or the down arrow in the upper right corner to close the entire audio menu.

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