The Different Ways Mevo Cameras Connect to the Internet

Mevo cameras support a variety of ways of connecting to the internet so that you can go live from your event. We understand that some of the terms and methods may be confusing, so we break it down for you here.

Mevo Hotspot + Mobile Device with Cellular (4G/LTE)
This refers to cameras ability to create a wireless access point to which your mobile device can connect via its Wi-Fi settings. This is a similar concept as connecting your phone to a wireless device via Bluetooth, but it's more reliable.

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Connect Wirelessly via Modem/Router
Connect to Wi-Fi means you configure your camera to connect to the internet via a local Wi-Fi network. When using this connection type, streaming would occur via the Wi-Fi network and not your mobile device's data plan.

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Ethernet via Boost (Mevo Plus + 1st Gen)
Ethernet + Mevo Hotspot You can connect your camera to the internet via Boost or Ethernet Power Adapter. This allows you to use a hardwired connection to limit wireless interference. To connect your mobile device, you'll need to either connect to Mevo hotspot or to the router in which your Ethernet is connected to. 

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Ethernet Power Adapter (Mevo Start)
The camera has built in Wi-Fi AC antennas for connecting wirelessly to either your mobile device or router but sometimes you just want a secure connection using Ethernet. Luckily Start supports both our Mevo Ethernet Power adapter & 3rd party Ethernet adapters you may already own.

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