How Much Data Will Be Used per Minute?

If you are streaming via your iPhone's LTE connection or an LTE USB modem, one concern you may have is the cost of a data plan needed to stream.

Below we provide a rough estimation as to how much data each streaming quality will require per minute. Please note that these are estimations and numbers may vary.

Since data plans are typically measured in gigabytes, that is the measurement we have provided.

360p = 0.008 gigabytes per minute / 0.472 gigabytes per hour

480p = 0.011 gigabytes per minute / 0.687 gigabytes per hour

720p = 0.015 gigabytes per minute / 0.9 gigabytes per hour

1080p = 0.02 gigabytes per minute / 1.2 gigabytes per hour

The bitrate ranges for each quality are detailed here.

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