Where should I position Mevo?

Generally speaking, the camera works best when placed about five feet away from the subject (e.g., a panel discussion, a performer, etc.) Mevo Plus has a 150 degree lens and Mevo Start has an 84 degree lens. While they are different, they both offer wide view angles so you can position your camera close to the subject or event taking place. We always encourage our users to position their camera as close as possible to offer their livestream participants the best seat in the house while also capture great audio. For example, if your event takes place in an auditorium, the camera should be just far away enough to capture the entire stage in a wide shot; the wide angle lens will allow for this to be closer than most standard cameras. The camera's small form-factor will be unobtrusive to viewers on-site. If you choose to place your camera toward the back of the room you can use the Mevo Start's 3.5mm input to take advantage of some professional grade audio that's normally setup in the back. 

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