Connecting Mevo to a Local Wi-Fi Network or Router

When you first power on your Mevo and open the Mevo app, by default the unit will prompt you to connect to Mevo Hotspot mode. If you prefer to connect Mevo to your local Wi-Fi network, follow the steps below.

First, make sure both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your mobile device are enabled.


Launch the Mevo app.

Using Android? Click here for a shortcut.

Make sure your Android device is already connected to the desired Wi-Fi network, then launch the Mevo app.

When your camera's connection card appears, tap the blue Connect button.


A message will pop up giving you two network options. Select Change Wi-Fi On Mevo.


After a moment, the app will prompt you to enter your Wi-Fi network's password (if necessary). After doing so, Mevo will connect to your Wi-Fi network and the camera's live edit view will open on your device. There is no need to follow the steps outlined below.

On the bottom right of the card, tap the Configure Mevo button.


Tap Show WiFi Networks.


The app will take a moment to load, and then your available networks will populate in a list. 


If your desired network does not appear, check your connection, then scroll down and tap Refresh Network List at the bottom of the menu to refresh the list. 


Tap the network you want to connect to. 

5GHz networks are more reliable for connecting and streaming and are recommended in favor of 2.4GHz networks.

Enter the network's password (if necessary). 

Mevo is compatible with networks whose passwords are a maximum of 63 characters long; networks with longer passwords will not connect.


After a moment, your Mevo will be connected to your network. This will also be indicated by the LED ring showing a solid green light above the bars icon on the back of the camera. 

Tap Done, and the Mevo card will update its status again for a moment.


It soon will then give you the option to connect to your Mevo. Tap Connect.


You are now communicating with your Mevo via your Wi-Fi network. In addition, any streams your broadcast will be done over Wi-Fi.

Having trouble connecting? Please see our  troubleshooting tips .

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