Import Recordings to My Computer

If you want to move recordings from your camera onto your computer, you will need to use the microSD card inside the camera along with the SD card adapter sent with your camera (other SD card adapters can work as will).

The microSD card slot is located on the back of the camera towards the bottom. Remove the mount in order to see it (Plus). For the Mevo Start camera the microSD card slot is on the back. 


Push the card in until you hear or feel a soft click. When you remove your finger the card will stick out enough for you to grab it and remove it from the camera.

A SanDisk SD card adapter was included in the box with your camera, and many computers include an SD card reader built-in. Slide the microSD card into the slot on this card.


Insert the card into your computer's SD card reader.


If you do not have an SD card reader built-in, there are many different types of low-cost adapters (USB, thunderbolt, etc.) available at from various electronics retailers.

Once the SD card is connected and detected by your computer, you should see the drive appear in your File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac). Open the folder to find your MP4 files.

From here, copy and paste them into the desired location on your computer's hard drive to import the recordings to your computer.

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