Can I Use the App While on a Call?


If your device is running iOS version 10.3.2 or later, you can accept a call while streaming. However, if you are connected via Mevo camera's Hotspot and your 4G / LTE connection, you cannot navigate away from the call, or else your stream will disconnect. When you end the call, the device will direct you back to the app automatically and your stream will continue.

If you are streaming via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, your stream will remain active if you take a call or navigate away from a call, but you cannot open the Mevo app until you end the call.

Please be advised that if you are using an audio source that is connected to your iOS device via the headphone jack or lightning port, the audio on your stream will be muted until the call ends. Your audio will not be affected by calls if you are using the camera's internal microphones or connected audio via USB.


Android devices are able to continue using the Mevo app if a call comes in, provided you do not hit the Back button on your phone. The camera will continue to stream if you navigate away by tapping the Home button.

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