Zoom In and Zoom Out

Zooming in and out is a great way to bring movement to your events.

To zoom in your shot, place your thumb in a lower corner and your index finger in the corner opposite of it. Drag your thumb and index finger closer together simultaneously in a pinching motion; they should meet over the subject to which you want to zoom in.

The camera will zoom live with your fingers; the white box will indicate where your fingers are whereas the colored box (blue or red) will follow behind it, indicating what your viewers are currently seeing.


To zoom out, place your thumb and index finger into the opposite corners of your shot and drag them apart.

In addition to a live zoom, you can use the action menu to perform a fast or slow zoom based on your settings. When you're in a wide shot, tap and hold your finger on the area of the screen you wish to zoom into. The action menu will pop up. Drag your finger to the hare icon to perform a fast zoom.


To do a slow zoom from a wide shot, drag your finger to the tortoise icon.

To zoom out to a wide shot via the Action Menu, tap and hold the widescreen icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and choose either the fast or slow zoom icon.

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