Adjust Maximum Zoom and Default Tap Settings

When live editing with Mevo, you may notice that your zooms and cuts do not crop the shot beyond a certain point. This is a default setting that is meant to prevent the image from looking pixelated. You can adjust these settings to customize how far you can zoom in and what a cut zooms up to by default.

Navigate to Settings > Audio & Video.


Scroll down to the Editing section where you will see two scrub bars labeled Maximum Zoom and Default Tap Zoom.

Maximum Zoom: Determine the farthest Mevo will zoom in to any shot.

Default Tap Zoom: Determines how much the image crops when you tap to cut to a close-up shot; if set to lower than the Maximum Zoom, you can still zoom in further by pinching the shot to the maximum zoom level.


By default Maximum Zoom is set to 2.3X and Default Tap Zoom is set to 1.5X. This means if you tap an area in the live edit view the zoom will be a 1.5X magnification and if you zoom into it all the way, the crop will stop once it has zoomed in up to 2.3X digital magnification, which will look similar to the image below (note the output preview in the upper right corner).


You can adjust both of these to go higher or lower. You may want to consider a limited Mevo to a lower zoom magnification if you are streaming at an HD quality or when using the Mevo in low-light environments.

Keep in mind that the Default Tap Zoom will not exceed the value set for the Maximum Zoom.

In this example, Maximum Zoom has been increased whereas Default Tap Zoom stays the same.


This means if you simply tap on an area of the live edit view, the shot will cut to a 3X magnification shot, but you still have the ability to zoom in more.


If you set the Default Tap Zoom to be lower, then the crop that occurs when tapping the live edit viewer will cover a larger area, as seen below.

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