Mevo Boost - Diagram and USB Port Explanation

Mevo Boost is a pro accessory compatible with Mevo that allows for longer battery life, more Internet connectivity options, and weather resistance.

Mevo can mount on top of the Mevo Boost, which then can mount onto a microphone stand or tripod.

Mevo Boost provides an additional 10 hours of streaming time. The back of the unit includes an Ethernet port, a full USB port (for LTE USB modems and USB audio devices), and a micro-USB port for charging. These ports are all protected by a weatherproof flap.

Mevo Boost allows for Mevo to be weather resistant so you can bring it to an outdoor event with little concern regarding the weather. However, it is strongly urged to not submerge the unit underwater. 


This is the Mevo Boost accessory. Below is a diagram with explanations for each port. 


Port Explanation

To locate the USB and Ethernet ports on the Mevo Boost, lift the weatherproof flap on the back, flat side of the device. The plugs are underneath to protect them from inclement weather.


The full-sized USB-A plug serves three purposes:

  1. Weatherproof Flap
  2. 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Plug for better connectivity.
  3. Full-size USB-A plug (for approved USB LTE modems and device charging)
    • Plug in a supported USB audio device to bring external audio into your Mevo production.
    • Plug in a supported 4G USB modem to stream via 4G/LTE.
  4. Plug in a charging cable to charge your mobile device while using the Mevo app.

The micro USB port's sole purpose is for plugging in the included USB cable to charge the Mevo Boost.


  1. 5/8”-27 Microphone Stand Thread
    1/4”-20 UNC Tripod Thread (Adapter)
    3/8”-16 Microphone Stand Thread (Adapter)
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