I Don't See My Vimeo Event in the Mevo App

If you create a live event in Vimeo, you may notice it might not show up in the Mevo app right away, or it does appear but then disappears. This is related to Vimeo's event creation workflow and there are a few ways to resolve this.

When you create any event in Vimeo (One Time or Recurring), the first screen you are brought to is the Event Setup page, where you can choose a thumbnail to display in the player, edit the start time, share the event link, enable/disable chat, edit the event's privacy setting, provide a description, grab the embed code, and select simulcast destinations from Vimeo. It looks like this:


In the upper right corner, there is a blue Next button. If you click this, your event will not be available to select in the app for 60 minutes. This is because clicking Next engages Vimeo's browser-based encoder, which is active for 60 minutes before it times out. When it's active, Vimeo cannot accept a stream from the camera.

To get around this, create your Vimeo event and then do not click Next


This will allow your event to appear in the app as a streaming destination immediately and you can go live from the camera to that event right away. The event will remain available in the app as long as you don't select Next.

Alternatively, you can create a new event directly from the app by selecting Vimeo and then tapping New Event.

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