What are the Streaming Quality Options?

The available streaming quality options depend on which streaming destination you choose, as different providers support different streaming specifications.

How to Find Streaming Quality Settings

In the live edit view of the Mevo app, tap the red button in the lower left corner.


Select your desired streaming provider (this example will use Livestream). By default, 720p will be selected; tap 720p to see more options.


Streaming qualities that are not available for the selected provider(s) will be grayed out.


Vimeo, Livestream & YouTube Live

  • 1080p (1920x1080) - 1.2-6Mbps 
  • 720p (1280x720) - 0.7-2Mbps
  • 480p (853x480 pixels) - 0.4-1.5Mbps
  • 360p (640x360) - 0.3-1Mbps

Facebook Live

  • 720p (1280x720) - 0.7-2Mbps
  • 480p (853x480 pixels) - 0.4-1.5Mbps
  • 360p (640x360) - 0.3-1Mbps


  • 720p (1280x720) - 0.7-2Mbps

More information about the bitrate ranges and required internet connection to accomplish each of these qualities can be found in this guide.

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