Mevo Plus: LED Ring Light Meanings

The Plus LED indicators on the camera can give you valuable information about what is happening with your camera. You have the option of changing the lights on your cameras LED.

Power On for the First Time

When you press and hold the power button for two seconds, the white LED light will pop up, and then start spinning as it initializes. 

Once it has created its own Hotspot, you will see a pulsing blue light over the connectivity icon on the back to the camera. You will see solid green over the battery if it is above 25% charged.
Connecting To Your App Via Hotspot

Connecting To Your App Via Hotspot

Your camera will continue pulsing blue over the connectivity icon while you set up your connection to the app.

Once you tap Connect on your app, the blue light will spin around the top of the camera, then turn solid blue at the front. 

Connecting To Your App Via Wi-Fi

Connecting To Your App Via Wi-Fi

If you turn off your Hotspot in the app so that you can stream over your Wi-Fi network, the camera ring will blink blue, then turn solid red over the connectivity icon.

Once you have connected to your Wi-Fi network the light over the connectivity icon will turn solid green, indicating the connection is good.

If the connection becomes weaker, the Wi-Fi LED indicator will turn yellow. If there is no connection, it will turn red.

Once you connect your mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network, the LED ring will spin blue while it connects to your app, then change to solid blue at the front of the camera once it is connected and ready to use.

Streaming & Recording

Streaming & Recording

Once you tap the red button to record or start streaming, the ring light will spin red while the stream and/or recording starts.

Once the recording or stream has started, the light will turn solid red and stay that way while you are live. 

When you stop your stream and / or recording, the red light will blink as it finishes. Once it has completely stopped, it will return to the solid blue light at the front of the camera, indicating a ready state.

Live Editing

Live Editing

The red light will move to wherever the app is focused in live editing. If your subject to stage-right is highlighted, then the left part of the front ring will go red to show that subject they are live.



If you lose connection to your network or between your mobile device and the camera, you will see a blinking blue light, followed by a solid red light over the connectivity icon. If this happens, check your local network connection and try connecting again.

Powering Off Mevo camera

Powering Off the Camera

When you press the power button for two seconds, or choose "Shutdown Mevo" in your menu, the ring will turn completely white, then disappear in a clockwise motion. This is followed by several blinks as the camera shuts itself down. Once it is completely shut down, the light will go off completely.
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