How to Sign Up for the Vimeo Producer and Premium Plans

To access certain features in Mevo such as graphics overlays and simulcasting, you will need to sign up for the Vimeo Producer Plan or higher. The Producer Plan and the Premium Plan are both available for purchase directly via the Mevo app.

In-App Purchase

Launch the Mevo app. A screen indicating Mevo has joined Vimeo will appear; tap Next in the bottom right corner.

In the next screen, either create a Vimeo account or log in with an existing Vimeo account.


Connect the Mevo app to your camera. After doing so, navigate to the settings menu by tapping the More Options (•••) icon in the bottom right corner, followed by the gearwheel icon.


At the top of the menu will be your Vimeo name and plan type. Tap here to see more options.


Tap Start 7-Day Free Trial to see a prompt to start a trial of the Vimeo Producer plan, which gives you access to Mevo graphics overlays, simulcasting via Mevo, and up to 250GB of storage per year on Vimeo, among other features. You will auto-subscribe via the App Store or Google Play at the end of 7 days.

The Vimeo Producer plan is available as an annual subscription at $179.99/year ($15/month). If you prefer a month-to-month option, tap Monthly; this will bill you $19.99 each month.

Android users will only see the ability to try Producer Monthly in the Mevo app due to transaction limitations of the Google Play store. If you use an Android device and wish to purchase an annual subscription, sign up via (detailed below).


You will also be prompted to upgrade within the app if you attempt to use a feature that is only available which these plans, such as add graphics overlays.

Tap compare plans on the left side to see how the Producer plan compares to the Premium plan, which is available for $899.99 per year. If you wish to use Vimeo as your streaming destination, you will need the Premium plan. Select either Start 7-Day Free Trial if you wish to continue with the Producer plan or Upgrade under the Premium plan to purchase Premium. 

Please note that if you are considering using Livestream Studio, you should select Vimeo Premium, as Studio is not included with Vimeo Producer. Learn more about the differences between the plans.


You will then be asked to confirm payment. This transaction will be managed by Apple or Google.


Once you complete the in-app purchase, you will have immediate access to the upgraded features.


If you started a trial, you can keep track of how many days are left in your trial by navigating to settings. The Vimeo profile menu will display a countdown.

Purchase via

The Vimeo Producer and Premium plans are also available for purchase via Mevo's website. Go to for a full feature comparison.

Scroll down to see both plans. Click Get Producer to subscribe for Producer, or Get Premium to subscribe to Premium.


You will be directed to the Vimeo's website. Create a Vimeo account or log in if you are not already. Enter your payment information, then select Complete purchase.


You will immediately have access to the included features of your plan once purchase is complete. If you purchase this way, your subscription is managed by Vimeo.

After doing this, launch the Mevo app on your device and log in to Vimeo using the email and password associated with your Vimeo subscription.

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