Turn the Mevo Camera On and Off

When your Mevo is plugged in or fully charged, you can power it on.

To do so, simply press and hold the power button on the top of the camera for a moment. The battery light will flash on for a moment and you will hear a pair of short beeps.

At this point, you can remove your finger from the power button. The LED ring light will spin as the camera starts up.

When the battery and Wi-Fi lights are stable, the camera is ready to be used. 


When you are finished using your Mevo, simply press and hold the top button until the LED ring's white light completes a circle around the edge of the camera.

The LED ring will blink white before slowly fading off. This indicates that your camera is now off.

You can also remotely turn off your Mevo camera by navigating to Settings, scrolling down to the bottom, and tapping Turn Off Mevo.