Turn Mevo/Mevo Plus Camera On and Off

Note: Make sure your Mevo/Mevo Plus is plugged in or fully charged before trying to turn it on. 

Turn On: Simply press and hold the power button on the top of the camera for around 2 seconds. The battery light will flash indicating the current battery level, then a white boot animation will begin and you will hear a short beep.

Important: When the battery and Wi-Fi lights are stable, the camera is ready to be used. 


Turn Off: When you are finished using your Mevo/Mevo Plus, simply press and hold the top button until the LED ring's white light completes a circle around the edge of the camera.


The LED ring will blink white before slowly fading off. This indicates that your camera is now off.

Turn Off Remotely: You can also remotely turn off your Mevo camera by navigating to Settings, scrolling down to the bottom, and tapping Turn Off Mevo.

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