How to Measure Your Upload Speed

You can test your internet connection using the app or website. Search for Speedtest by Ookla in the App Store or Google Play and download it onto your device.

Make sure that you are on the same network that you will use when streaming.

Run the speed test.


The key number you are looking for is the upload speed in Megabits per seconds (Mbps). 

In this example, it was 36.9Mbps, which is a very fast speed.

When using a 4G/LTE data network, connectivity may fluctuate and be affected by other data users with the same telecom provider in the area. When on a local Wi-Fi network, connectivity may fluctuate and be affected by other users on the same Wi-Fi network. 

This upload speed can change, so it is good to run a few tests. Some users test hours before a live event when not many other users are in the area, and get a great speed test result. However, once an event begins and many more people are in the area and using the same network, you may see a slower speed test result. 

Background Information: How Internet Connection Speed is Measured

Internet connection speed (or bandwidth) is measured in bitrate.

This is the numbers of bits (binary data of 0 or 1) that can be sent per second.

Many people confuse bits and bytes - storage is measured in bytes (Gigabyte or GB) while internet speed is measured in bits - Gigabits or Gb).

So, when talking about your internet speed, you will be talking about bits per seconds. Bytes is for discussion on your storage.

Then there are the unit multipliers -

  • 1 Kilobit per second = 1,000 bits per second
  • 1 Megabit per second = 1,000 Kilobits per second
  • 1 Gigabit per second = 1,000 Megabit per second

When dealing with livestreaming, we will mostly use Megabits per second, or in short, Mbps, although some instances referencing lower speeds may reference Kilbits per second (Kbps).