Formatting the microSD Card

The microSD card that comes with your Mevo Plus does not need to be formatted. If you need to format it later, the best way to do this is from within the Mevo app.

Mevo Start Users!

The Mevo Start camera does not come with a microSD card. Before first use, format your microSD card that you intend to use with your camera.

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Mevo App Directions

Once you connect your camera to the app, go to your main menu, and click on the gear wheel icon to get to your General Settings.

Scroll down to find Storage > Format SD card.


When you tap to format the card, you will be prompted "Are you sure?" This is because formatting the card will erase anything on it.

Only format if you have backed up any recordings or saved files on the card to another location. Formatting erases all the data stored on the card.

Once you tap Proceed, your camera will format the card.

Troubleshooting Steps

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