Formatting the Mevo microSD Card

The microSD card that comes with your Mevo does not need to be formatted. If you need to format it later, the best way to do this is from within the Mevo app.

Once you connect your Mevo to the app, go to your main menu, and click on the gear wheel icon to get to your General Settings.

Scroll down to find Storage > Format SD card.

When you tap to format the card, you will be prompted "Are you sure?" This is because formatting the card will erase anything on it.

Only format if you have backed up any recordings or saved files on the card to another location. Formatting erases all the data stored on the card.

Once you tap Proceed, your Mevo will format the card.

You may also format the card on a desktop, though we recommend doing it through the app. We recommend formatting in the exFAT file format (FAT32 will work for cards less than 32GB but may cause your files to be split more frequently than exFAT file formats).

To do so, insert the microSD card into the SD card adapter.

Connect the SD card adapter to your computer (many modern computers have SD card readers built in).


On Macs, go to Spotlight and search for Disk Utility; open the Disk Utility app.

Select the SD card reader (under 'External') and click Erase.

The prompt that pops up will give you the opportunity to name the card as well as choose a format and scheme. Select exFAT format and Master Boot Record scheme. Then click Erase.

Your card will be formatted. Make sure you properly eject the SD card before removing it from your computer.


On Windows computers, go to the file explorer, and select your SD card drive.

Right-click the icon, then select Format.

Select exFAT in the File system dropdown menu, then click Start. Another window will pop up when the formatting is complete.

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