Mevo Multicam: Webcam & UVC Inputs

The Webcam & UVC Inputs feature allows you to connect UVC devices directly to your iPadOS 17+ device or multiple UVC devices through a USB hub. Logitech products are free to use, but non-Logitech devices require Mevo Pro.

For more information about the Mevo Multicam app, please visit our Multicam App page.

Currently, this feature is available only on iOS 17 and newer. The Android version will be released once ready. 

Important: If using a USB hub, only one of the inputs' audio will be used.

Steps to enable the feature

  1. Plug in the device to the device using Mevo Multicam.
  2. Under the "Mevo Pro" section of adding assets, select "Webcam & UVC Inputs".
  3. Press "Connect" to connect the UVC input that is being detected.


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