Mevo Core: HDMI Output

Exploring the Full-Sized HDMI Output of Mevo Core Cameras

Welcome to the dynamic world of Mevo Core, where high-quality video production meets versatility. The Mevo Core camera is designed to push the boundaries of live streaming and recording. A standout feature of the Mevo Core is its full-sized HDMI output, which is crucial for professionals and enthusiasts alike who demand high-quality video monitoring and output capabilities.


Figure 1: Mevo Core HDMI Port

Why the HDMI Output Matters

The full-sized HDMI output of the Mevo Core camera is particularly useful for users of Micro Four Thirds (MFT) cameras and others seeking reliable, high-quality video monitoring. This feature allows for the connection of the Mevo Core to external monitors, recorders, and broadcasting equipment, providing a live view of the camera's feed. This is invaluable for framing, focusing, and exposure assessment before and during live production.

Understanding HDMI Output Limitations

While the HDMI output enhances the Mevo Core's versatility, certain features impact its functionality:

  • HDR Activated: Limits resolution to 1080p when using HDMI, automatically adjusted to ensure optimal video quality. This setting prioritizes dynamic range and color accuracy over resolution.
  • With EIS Enabled: Disables HDMI output to ensure optimal processing power for image stabilization. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity of stabilized video content.
  • 4K + HEVC: HDMI output is limited to 1080p, automatically adjusted to balance high-efficiency video coding with connectivity options. This allows for efficient video transmission while maintaining quality.
  • UVC High FPS Output: Disables HDMI output to prioritize high frame rate capture for smooth, detailed playback. This setting is essential for capturing fast-moving subjects without compromise.
  • Pre-Video Pipeline Operation: The HDMI output operates pre-video pipeline in the app, meaning no app graphics or overlays are applied. This ensures that the HDMI feed remains clean and uncluttered, ideal for professional broadcasting or recording setups where graphics are handled separately.

Embracing Mevo Core's Capabilities

Understanding and leveraging the full-sized HDMI output of the Mevo Core can significantly enhance your video production workflow. Whether it's for live streaming, recording, or professional broadcasting, the clean, high-quality HDMI feed provides a reliable foundation for monitoring and integrating with your existing video equipment. By optimizing the use of this feature and navigating its limitations, you're unlocking another level of creativity and control in your video productions.

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