Mevo Core: Advanced Optimal Video Settings

Welcome to the dynamic world of Mevo Core, where high-quality video production meets versatility. While Mevo Core is designed to push the boundaries of live streaming and recording, understanding its operational nuances ensures you harness its full potential. Let's explore how certain settings influence its capabilities, focusing on optimizing performance for your specific needs.

Maximizing Mevo Core's Performance

Mevo Core's advanced features are tailored to accommodate a wide range of production scenarios. However, certain settings adjustments are necessary to optimize its performance under specific conditions. Here's a guide to help you navigate these settings:

  • HDR Activated:
    • Limits resolution to 1080p when using HDMI, automatically adjusted to ensure optimal video quality.
    • 4K resolution is not available with HDR enabled, prioritizing dynamic range and color accuracy.
    • Enabling Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) is not possible, as the camera must maintain the integrity of both image quality and stabilization.
  • Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) Enabled:
    • No digital cropping feature available, maintaining a consistent field of view.
    • Limits the output to 1080p resolution for the unit to use the additional pixels for stabilizing your video content.
    • Disables HDMI output ensuring optimal processing power for image stabilization.
    • Enabling HDR while using EIS is not possible, as the camera must maintain the integrity of both image quality and stabilization.
  • 4K + HEVC:
    • HDMI output is limited to 1080p, automatically adjusted to balance high-efficiency video coding with connectivity options.
  • UVC High FPS Settings:
    • Disables HDMI output to prioritize high frame rate capture for smooth, detailed playback.
    • Automatically turns off HDR, ensuring the focus is on capturing high-speed action without compromise.
  • UVC + 4K: Automatically disables EIS and HDR to prioritize ultra-high-definition video clarity.
  • Simultaneous 4K Outputs: To ensure optimal performance, running two 4K outputs concurrently is not possible.
  • 4K HEVC + 1080 HEVC: Currently a work in progress (WIP) with no timeline to share currently.

Embracing Mevo Core's Capabilities

While navigating Mevo Core's settings to align with specific production requirements might seem daunting, these settings are designed with your content's quality in mind. By understanding and adjusting to these settings, you're not just working within limits; you're optimizing for the best possible output. Mevo Core is your partner in creativity, offering the tools to bring your vision to life with clarity, stability, and precision.

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