Mevo Core Hardware Tour


  • 3 MEMS Microphone Array: Features a trio of MEMS microphones designed to capture high-quality audio from different directions, ensuring clear sound pickup for your recordings.
  • 2 Tally Lights: Equipped with two tally lights that provide visual communication to talent and crew about the recording status, enhancing on-set coordination and workflow.
  • Lens Mount: Includes a lens mount that allows for the attachment of compatible Micro Four Thirds (MFT) lenses, offering flexibility in choosing the right lens for your shooting requirements.
  • Lens Release Button: Features a convenient lens release button that enables quick and easy swapping of lenses, facilitating a smoother transition between different focal lengths and styles.

  • Power Button / Status: This will power the camera on and display the battery levels. Visit dummy link to learn more about battery levels. Can be double tapped to toggle on/off wired webcam mode.
  • 3.5mm Audio in TRS: This is a 3.5mm audio input which requires a TRS sleeve for optimal connectivity and sound quality, learn more about this here.
  • USB-C Ports:
    • (A) This port can be used for power in/out, audio in, ethernet in, offering versatile connectivity options.
    • (B) This can be used for all the same purposes as port A, but it is also the only port that supports UVC Wired Webcam out, making it essential for live streaming or video conferencing.
  • HDMI Port (4K Output): This outputs a pre-processed shot in 4K. Graphics and overlays will not be applied to this output, providing a clean feed for external recording or monitoring.
  • MicroSD Slot : We recommend using class 10 microSD cards for optimal performance when recording. Learn more about them here.
  • Reset Button: This is used to reset the camera to its factory settings and revert it to the firmware version it was shipped with, useful for troubleshooting.
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