How to output your Mevo Camera via NDI, SRT or HDMI

In the evolving landscape of video production and live streaming, understanding the nuances of external outputs like HDMI, SRT, and NDI is crucial for professionals and enthusiasts alike. This article delves into each technology, offering insights into how they can enhance your production workflow.

HDMI: High-Definition Multimedia Interface*Mevo Core Only

HDMI is widely recognized for its ability to transmit high-definition video and audio over a single cable. It's the go-to solution for connecting cameras, computers, and monitors in a live production environment. The simplicity of HDMI makes it ideal for straightforward setups requiring high-quality outputs without the need for complex configurations.

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SRT: Secure Reliable Transport

SRT stands out for its ability to deliver high-quality video across unstable networks. It's a game-changer for live streaming, especially when broadcasting from locations with limited internet connectivity. By optimizing streaming performance and minimizing latency, SRT ensures your audience enjoys a seamless viewing experience, regardless of geographical constraints.

NDI: Network Device Interface

NDI revolutionizes video production by enabling high-quality video transmission over standard network infrastructures. This technology supports live video workflows in a way that's both flexible and scalable, allowing for the easy addition of sources and destinations within the network. NDI is particularly beneficial for multi-camera setups and complex live productions requiring real-time source sharing and collaboration.

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Choosing the Right External Output

Each external output option—HDMI, SRT, and NDI—offers unique advantages tailored to different production needs. HDMI excels in simplicity and quality for direct connections, SRT is indispensable for reliable streaming over challenging networks, and NDI provides unparalleled flexibility and scalability in networked environments. Understanding these technologies will empower you to make informed decisions, ensuring your production setup is both efficient and effective.

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