Mevo Mounting Base Repair Policy

At Mevo, our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction extends to offering a courtesy repair service for the mounting base of our cameras. This one-time service per camera is provided outside our standard warranty coverage, as a testament to our dedication to support our customers and the longevity of our products, while supplies last. Please note, this service is currently available to U.S. customers only.

For our international customers, we offer alternative solutions through 3D printable options. You can find the necessary files and more information at this link. These options include printing your own base or ordering from a third-party provider who can print a sturdy version confirmed to fit our units. Please be aware that using these 3D printed options is done at your own risk.

Eligibility for Repair

Repairs are subject to certain conditions. We cannot proceed with repairs if:

  1. Adhesive Use on the Base: Cameras with adhesive applied to the base from self-repair attempts are not eligible. Adhesives can compromise the camera's integrity and safety.

  2. Extensive Camera Damage: We do not repair cameras with damage beyond the base. Repairing the base does not guarantee the safety or reliability of the entire unit.

How to Submit for Repair

To request a repair, please submit a ticket at Mevo Support with a clear photo of the damaged area. This will help us assess whether your camera qualifies for the repair service.

If Your Camera is Ineligible

If your camera is shipped to us and is found to have damage as described in our policy, it will be returned to you without repair. This will count as your one-time repair opportunity.

Preparing Your Camera for Shipping

Before shipping your camera, please remove your micro SD card and the threaded adapter in the base. We cannot guarantee their return post-repair and are not responsible for tracking or replacing these items.


This courtesy repair service does not extend the life of the electronic components in your camera, especially if there is internal damage we cannot detect. No comprehensive tests are performed beyond the specific repair of the mounting base. By availing of this service, customers acknowledge and agree that Mevo is not responsible for any further damages or issues that may arise post-repair.

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