Setup the new Facebook Page Experience.


This must be completed on a desktop or laptop. These steps should not and can't be completed on a mobile device!

The integration of the new META Business Suite and Facebook Page Experience has brought to light an issue where pages may not appear. To resolve this, we have created a comprehensive guide outlining the required order of operations. Kindly note that Facebook has specific requirements for this process, and we advise you to follow the guide carefully to avoid any further complications.

To begin, you will need to appoint a secondary administrator within the business settings as the account in use cannot modify its own permissions. To add a secondary administrator, navigate to the META Business Suite via the following link:

In the event that you manage multiple businesses, please select the page that requires modification before proceeding.



We advise against switching accounts when prompted during the process outlined in the guide. Based on our experience, switching accounts is unlikely to result in any meaningful progress.

Next, ensure the page in question is selected in the top left then press "People" under "Users" to see the users linked to this business page. 



To remove the permissions for a specific user, locate the corresponding asset assigned to them in relation to the relevant page. Hover over the asset and press the trash can icon to initiate the removal process.

Once the permissions have been removed, the secondary administrator can grant access once again by following these steps:

First, login to the Facebook account that still has page asset access (the secondary admin account). Click the profile picture of this account in the top right and select "See all profiles" then select the page you are trying to get access to stream to.


Once you are successfully switched to the page profile from the previous step. Select this link here.

Then press "Add New" as shown below.Untitled_Clipping_020123_022845_PM.jpg

To proceed, press the "Next" button and search for the profile that you wish to grant access to stream to the specific page. If the profile cannot be located, it is possible that the removal of the asset access in the Business Suite was not successful. Please review the previous steps to ensure proper removal.

Upon inviting the profile, switch to it on Facebook, visit the page, and accept the invitation. Upon successful acceptance, you will now have the ability to stream to the page through the Mevo app using the newly added profile.



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