Mevo Go: Introduction

Mevo Go is an app that turns a mobile device into a Mevo source to send video, audio, and screencast to Mevo Multicam. A Mevo Pro subscriber can unlock feeds from mobile devices into Mevo Multicam by way of Mevo Go.

Compatible with Android 8 and iOS 14 or newer


Below you can learn about the current features that Mevo Go offers. 

Video & Audio Screencast Remote Mic
Turn a mobile device into a camera and microphone source in Mevo Multicam, creating another video source for your production!
In the Video & Audio feature, you will see a lock icon you toggle to lock the screen from being tapped as you have the traditional digital zoom functionality. You can also tap the More Options (•••) icon in the bottom right corner.
From left to right, the settings are as follows.
  1. Focus - This feature allows you to adjust the focus of your camera for a bokeh effect which makes the out-of-focus field of depth more blurry than your subject. This may or may not be available for your device, if it doesn't allow you, try to flip your camera (go to number 3)
  2. Exposure - Exposure is the amount of light that reaches your camera's sensor. You can adjust this to help in various lighting situations.
  3. Camera switch - Switch between the front and back-facing cameras on your mobile device (if available). Some cameras may be more limited than others in regard to focus adjustments.
  4. Zoom - Change the level of zoom for your mobile device's camera.
  5. Mic - Mute/unmute the microphone of the mobile device, audio will not be sent to Mevo Multicam with this disabled.
  6. Camera settings - Change the name of your Mevo Go device for easier identification in Mevo Multicam. Add a password to prevent unwanted access. Modify digital zoom functionality.

To add a Mevo Go: Video & Audio source to Mevo Multicam, add a Mevo Go Asset!

  1. First, ensure you have the Mevo Go: Video & Audio running on another device. It will not appear in Mevo Multicam while sitting in the Menu. You must select the function!
  2. Now, on your device running Mevo Multicam: Press the (+) to go to the Add Asset page.
  3. Select the asset type called "Mevo Go"
  4. Connect to the Video & Audio source you want.
  5. Press "Continue" once you have connected to the sources you wish to use!
  6. See your new Mevo Go: Video &amp& Audio source in Mevo Multicam! Add as many Mevo Go sources as your controlling device can handle!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started? Where do I subscribe?
You can subscribe to Mevo Pro directly in your Mevo Camera app or Mevo Multicam app. Once you do, the premium features are unlocked immediately and ready to use.
Can I try Mevo Pro for free?
Yes, you can! Users can explore and enjoy a free 14-day trial. Once you sign up, you'll be able to use the full suite of Mevo Pro features right away. After the 14-day trial, Mevo Pro costs $19 USD per month and there is no commitment. You can cancel your subscription at any time under account settings.
What is the difference between Mevo Pro and Mevo Go?
Mevo Pro is a new subscription plan that unlocks premium features in the Mevo Multicam app. Mevo Go is an app that turns a mobile device into a Mevo source to send video, audio, and screencast to Mevo Multicam. A Mevo Pro subscriber can unlock feeds from mobile devices into Mevo Multicam by way of Mevo Go.
Where can I use Mevo Go?
Mobile devices with the Mevo Go app downloaded can connect to Mevo Multicam as long as the devices are on the same network.
What kind of phone can I use for Mevo Go?
Both iOS and Android phones (with Android 8 or iOS 14 or newer) are compatible with Mevo Go.
Can I use Mevo Go and Mevo Start together?
Yes, Mevo Multicam will connect to any combination of Mevo cameras and mobile devices with the Mevo Go app download. You can switch between feeds of your Mevo Start cameras and your mobile devices in the same live stream.
Can I use Mevo Go and Mevo Multicam on the same device?
No, in order to bring in a feed to Multicam, Mevo Go needs to be downloaded on a second device.
How does Mevo Pro integrate with Streamlabs? What features are available?
Use your Mevo Pro log in to access a suite of pro-level tools for streamers and creators, including Streamlabs Desktop, Willow Pro, Melon Pro, Crossclip Pro, Oslo Pro, and Streamlabs Studio. To learn more, visit
Still having an issue?
Please open a support ticket here so a Mevo Customer Experience Agent can address this for you.
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