Mevo Multicam: Picture in Picture

Mevo Multicam v1.5 offers a new, highly requested feature, Picture in Picture mode! 

Following the release of Mevo Multicam v1.5, Mevo is adding a completely new ability to layer video. The user will be given the option to select which camera is used for the layer along with many editing options. First, they can choose the layer size, shape, aspect ratio, and location, as well as the border color, size, and radius. Users can also simply grab and drop their layer to the desired location. 

Follow along below as we walk through the steps of setting up your first Picture in Picture camera!


Step 1

To begin, we want to make sure we have 2 cameras available to start with. One of these cameras will be selected to function as the PiP camera.  Make sure you select "Connect" for both cameras that will be used. 


Step 2 

After connecting to your two cameras, you will be brought to the main control screen. Please select the blue + button to set up Picture in Picture mode. 


Step 3

The next screen will be the "Add Asset" screen. Here we will want to press the "Picture in Picture" menu button.


Step 4

Next, we want to select the camera that will be shrunk down to become your 
Picture in Picture screen.


*Note, This will most likely be the camera that is directly facing you. 


When the selection is complete, press 




Step 5 

The next screen we are presented with is a list of all of the options for this specific camera.

We have options for :

  • Changing the camera source (to a different camera)
  • Position and Size
    • Free placement or Preset
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Horizontal and Vertical Placement (if not using free placement)
  • Size
  • Stroke
    • Stroke Color (blue as shown)
    • Stroke Thickness 
    • Corner Radius 
      • Quick Note - The corner radius will still work if the stroke is set to 0, the image itself will take on the rounded corners
  • And lastly, Reset, to reset all options. 

Once satisfied with your configuration, proceed to press the DONE button at the top.


step5.png step6.png


Step 6 

We now have a newly created Picture in Picture camera! To add it to the stream, all we need to do is press on the overall window! You will now notice a red border around the camera, to show its active, and the source is added to the stream above. 
step7.png step8.png


Step 7

Additionally, we can press the 3 dot menu button to bring up the extra options. Here we can edit the PiP options, as above in step 5, change the source to another camera, for example, if you had more than 2 cameras added, and lastly, remove the PiP camera altogether. 


Step 8

Lastly, we will want to press the folder icon to move back to our camera selection screen. From here, we will operate as usual and navigate between our selected cameras. 

* Note, if you are only using 2 cameras, you can still select the camera that is being used as the Picture in Picture source for the full screen. 


All done!

And that's it! You have now successfully set up Picture in Picture mode with the Mevo Multicam software! 


Having an issue? 

Our Support Team is always ready to assist you as best we can to help you troubleshoot. Please feel free to open a Support Ticket and our agents will do our best to assist you! 

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